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**Digital Color Copies & Prints

When your business needs a fast, low-cost alternative to full-color process printed materials, why not consider color copies?

The image quality and resolution of color copies has dramatically improved recently. Many people find it incredibly difficult to tell the difference between printed full-color materials and color copies.

Use our color copying services when:

  • You need quantities of 50,000 or less.
  • You need a project completed very quickly.
  • Making single copies of multiple originals.
  • Creating transparencies.
  • Making an important sales presentation.

**OVER 5000***
Please call for Quote!!
(209) 338-0127**OVER 5000***
Please call for Quote!!
(209) 338-0127
*Project Name:
*Number of Originals:
Finished Size (flat, unfolded):
Paper Type:
20# Bond 92 Bright
24# Ultra Bright White
80# Glossy Text
8pt Glossy Cover
90# Index Card
Bindery Services:
Fold (half) 2 cents per page
Fold (letter)2 cents per page
3-hole drill
Staple Sets (2cents per set)
Other (Describe in Project Details)
Full Bleed? Full Bleed is 5cents more for 8 1/2 X 11 or 10 cents for 11 X 17, 24# only
Artwork Provided:
Are you sending a file created with Adobe PDF JobReady? Please note that the correct method of sending a file when using JobReady is to click the Submit button after viewing your proof. When sending a JobReady-created file through this Send a File utility, you acknowledge that you have viewed and approved the proof created by the Adobe PDF JobReady printer software.
File Upload: PDFs ONLY!
Project Details:
Order is shipped to:
If your document is over 50% coverage there is a 3 cent charge per 8 1/2 X 11 sheet

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